[Discussion] Tips to Get Perfect Size of Buckets for Your Seedlings

My seedlings are ready to be transplanted and I have no idea what to do. Gonna put them in buckets. I don’t know what size buckets to get and how many plants in each. Please help!

[Holly Couch]

Seedlings Basket

# I would suggest to plant the squash in the ground. If not, their yeild will be very less or none. Plant them in a corner of your backyard. They will takeover and you get the squash in no time.Cucumber is competently small plant when compared to squash. A bigger pot or a container is just fine. All the best. [Berrywoods Adenium]

# Just so folks know – this is a container gardening page, so telling people to plant in the ground is not very helpful.I grow squash in containers every year and get more than I need. Unless you have a really good sized container, I’d say just 1 per container. You’ll want to make sure they get a food amount of food (fertilizer). And you may need to hand pollinate. [Jenni Simonis]

# Squash will travel. I planted some in my raised bed and it stretched out into my yard. Lots of yummy butternut squash that year, though! [Larisha Shelman]

# Yes, the ones that vine will go everywhere. They also root into the ground as they run, which gives them more nutrients than just what they get from the container. I had an animal planted one last year that had a good 50’+ of vines. [Jenni Simonis]

# I grow mine in half tonne dumpy bags, I put 2 in each bag. Use plenty of manure [Marianne ‘Madge’ Hembrow]

# Aren’t they too small to be transplanted? [Loreta Torres]

# Yes, it looks like they’re still on their first leaves. They need to be bigger with true leaves first. [Jenni Simonis]

# I agree. They need to have their first true leaves before transplanting. [Luana Hiebert]

# I used 5-gallon pots putting one plant per pot… I also use a tomato cage in each pot to tie anything up for extra support. And I get plenty of squash off of each plant usually enough to even give away some. [Debbie Pearlman]

# They need secondary leaves and more growth, too small to transplant. They can live in the cups quite a while. [Chris Chudzik]

# I found cloth grow bags on amazonThey hold up to 10 gal of soil and can be recycledIf you dont have the soil or the room these cloth bags could be the answer to gardening for some.Just like straw bale gardening is a option. [Robin Feusner]

# That’s what I’m useing cloth grow bag for my cucumber, cantilop, honey dew, pepper, egg plant, butter nut sguash, and tomato! 5 plant on each bags.. [Siony Rad]

# We just made up two sets of 5 gallon buckets from the YouTube directions on self watering containers. They only cost $7 each to make and it’s the same premise as Earthboxes. [Kenzie Lee]

# Just bear i mind that they are climbers, they need space. [Masilo Nkwe]

# Squash do not climb, they are a bush. A lot of different beans and peas climb. [Debbie Prince Hudgins]

# They do not naturally climb. But they DO vine, and can get quite long. If you are short on space you can tie the [Luana Hiebert]

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